SANITATION AND DUMPSTERS are required at all new residential, commercial and substantial renovation or remodeling sites. Owner and contractor have responsibility for erosion control and to keep debris from moving off site.


The state requires new home applications to be submitted to them and then it is approved by local inspectors. They require the on-site contractor to be licensed and at least one crew member to hold a Dwelling Contractor Qualifier license.  A home owner can function as the general contractor for their own home. You will also need the license numbers for your electrician, your plumber and HVAC installer.

You get your sanitary permit from the county. There is a place to enter that permit number on this form. 

Also get a land use / zoning permit from the county and be sure to enter that permit number on the state form.

Oconto County Land Use and Zoning Permit is not covered by this application.       Call 920-834-6827 for more information.

You can start the following state electronic form at anytime but the local building permit can not be issued until the sanitary, Land Use /Zoning permit and fee for the local permit is received.. It will then be processed and the permit mailed back to you.


CLICK HERE to start the State Electronic Application Form.

  If you have difficulty with this form just save and I will finish the application for you.

Note: Permits are required for manufactured homes that were once called mobil homes,  single or double wide homes. 

After you have completed the electronic form you will need to do the following.  1.  Send a check made out to Tom Smith Inspections LLC for the permit fee.

SITE BUILT HOMES                                          MANUFACTURED HOMES                

0 to 1499 sq. ft.  650 dollars                                    0 to 1499 sq. ft. — 500 dollars

1500 to 1999 sq. ft. 660 dollars                                1500 to 1999 sq. ft.   510 dollars

2000 to 3000 sq. ft. 680 dollars                              2000 to 3000 sq. ft.   530 dollars

Over 3000 sq. ft. -  680 dollars plus  20 cents per sq. ft. for sq. footage beyond 3000.

2.  Ask your HVAV installer to provide a“Res Check Form” to me.  They will know about this     requirement and provide it as part of your installation. The HVAC company or you can send to me in paper form or as an email with attached PDF file. 

3.  Send one copy of your building plan. It can be sent in paper form, or a computer version sent to me by email  ( ) as attached  PDF file. 

My files are all  identified by project street address so be sure to include that on all correspondence.

Use “short form” for applying for the following.

Click here to print this form.

Additions to home or other buildings. 

                      100 dollars plus an additional 20 cents a square foot for footage over 600 sq. ft

Dwelling remodeling of significant structural elements or flipping a dwelling for resale require a building permit. No permit required to replace roofing or to replace your windows or siding.

                20 cents a sq. ft. for remodeled space

Detached accessory buildings and agriculture buildings. 

  Under 150 sq. ft.——$ 20

151 to 600 sq. ft. ——$ 50

601 to 750 sq. ft. ——$ 90 

 For buildings over 750 sq. ft. 15 cents a square foot.


Special electrical service inspections.   $30 fee

These can  be required by utility and not associated with other building permits such as free standing installations for campsites or solar installations.  

Decks or porches require permit.

  0 -150 sq. ft. $50    

151-600 sq. ft.  $75    

Over 600 sq. ft. $75 plus 10 cents a sq. ft for area over 600 sq. ft.

Razing  a building that is now on property tax records. $50

Costs for razing Unfit for Human Habitation or abandoned buildings covered by State Statute 66.0413 will be placed on special assessment for property taxes.

Commercial Buildings

New or additions to commercial buildings are required to get administrative review from Town and a permit from the state as prescribed by the Wisconsin Uniform Commercial Code. Construction inspections will be done by state inspectors and local inspector will do inspections for Town ordinances. 

The fee is 20 cents a sq. ft.

CLICK HERE to get additional application information.

Possible fines or penalties

Building without permit  ….. double permit cost

Failure to notify for inspections ….. $50 per occurrence

Road damage or cleaning ….. actual repair cost