Sanitary permits are not included by these local fees.  You need to get that permit from Outagamie County. 

Any required County Land Use or Zoning Permits are not covered by this application. 

 Outagamie County has zoning authority over any structure with in 300 feet of a protected  waterway.  

Protected areas designations sometimes change so be sure to check with the county before building.  


After obtaining the above permits you can proceed to make an application for the local building permit.

Note: Permits are required for manufactured homes that were once called mobil homes, single or double wide homes..

After you have completed the electronic form you will need to do the following:

1.  Send a check made out to Tom Smith Inspections LLC for the permit fee.

2.  Ask your HVAV installer to provide the “Res Check Form” to me.  They will know about this requirement and provide it as part of your installation. 

      The company or you can send to me in paper form or as an email with attached PDF file. 

3.  Send one copy of your building plan. It can be sent in paper form, or a computer version sent to me by email attached or PDF file. 

4. My files are all  identified by street address so be sure to include that on any correspondence .

CLICK HERE to get started

Permit Fee for  Building a Dwelling 

Homes to 2500 sq. ft.  ——— $ 600   

2501 sq. ft. to 3000 sq. ft.  —- $ 850   

over 3000 sq. ft. —— $ 850 plus 20 cents a sq. ft  for footage over 3000.

Condo’s —- same as above for each unit.

Multifamily ——$ 500+.15per sq ft over 1000

                               ( Park fee is 400 per unit)

Add the following to your application:

ADDRESS FEE  $100 —Click Here for form

PARK FEE  $400  

If you want a second driveway to site add $ 50

FEE for other required Building Permits

REMODELING  or ADDITIONS   $ 50 plus 15 cents a sq. ft. of remodeled space

POOLS AND PONDS  $100     

GARAGE & Accessory Buildings  $50

Barns for livestock or fowl  $500      If over agricultural project cost is over 300,000 the fee is $800

New culverts  & driveways     Fee -  $50

DECKS  $25 + .20 per sq ft.

Commercial / Industrial or Milking Parlors     $500 + .15 per sq ft over 1000.

For other things that require permits use the following short form. 

Click here to get short form.

Click here to get application procedure for commercial projects


Click here to get application procedure for signs

Sign permit:   Fee - One dollar per square foot of display surface.    (Requires Town Board Approval) ( 25 dollar minimum )


House Razing  & Lock Box— Contact Fire Inspector

Ditching, Road excavation, Subdivisions and Utility right of way work -  — Contact Town Chairman

HOUSE MOVING — Contact Town Chairman

New TOWERS  — Contact Town Chairman