In 2018 the state legislature required that all new dwelling applications BE SUBMITTED  to the electronically


Only used for new homes.    

You will need the following information to complete that electronic form. 

  When you get the first page read it and be sure to check the box at the bottom left corner of this page to continue.

Then click the box “Click here to start permit  request” to get started in the state electronic application site.

1. Owner Name

2. Owner  address and phone 

3. Name, license number and address for all contractors. Their system will not allow an entry unless you have the correct contractor license number. 

       I have some but not all license numbers for area contractors so do your best to give me license numbers.

4. Project location address. 

5. Area of finished basement and any unfinished basement

6. Area of finished living space

7. Area of garage and decks

8. Estimated cost of dwelling.   Do not include cost of land or permits.

9. County zoning and Sanitary permit numbers.    

 Needed for permits in Oconto, Outagamie and Shawano Counties. Also needed if building along Green Bay in Town of Peshtigo.

Step Two:

After you submit that application you will then be prompted to finish by contacting your local building inspector.  You must provide me with the following so I can complete the process.

1. Your name  and contact information.  I will send the permit to this address unless a different mailing address is provided.

2. The confirmation number and date when you submitted the state electronic system application in step one. 

    (I need this so I can enter their system and provide my review and approval for your state application.) 

3.  Municipality where you are building.

4. One copy of your building plan showing wall bracing.  Can be sent by email or hard copy. 

5. RES-Check  which is available from your HVAC contractor. They can give you a copy or email direct to me.

6 A sketch which shows how you will provide erosion control on site. Can be a copy of the information you may have had to submit to get a county zoning permit if that was required.

7. Check for the fee charged by the local municipality. Make payable to Tom Smith Inspections LLC

Amount can be found on the page for your municipality on my WEB site.

8. Send to: Tom Smith Inspections LLC  — 2740 Otto Court — Green Bay WI 54313