The state requires new home applications to be submitted to them and then it is approved by local inspectors. They require the on-site contractor to be licensed and at least one crew member to hold a Dwelling Contractor Qualifier license.  You will also need the license numbers for your electrician, your plumber and HVAC installer.

Prior to working on this form get your sanitary permit from the county. There is a place to enter that permit number on this form.

Also get a land use / zoning permit and be sure to enter those permit numbers on the state form.

 Shawano County Planning and Development Department

Planning, Parks & Solid Waste * Zoning & Landuse Control * Property Listing * Land Conservation

311 N. Main Street, Shawano, WI 54166 * (715)526-6766 * Fax (715)526-6273 *


After obtaining the above permits you can proceed to make an application for the local building permit.

Note: Permits are now required for manufactured homes that were once called mobil homes,  single or double wide homes..

CLICK HERE to get started on new home application

After you have completed the electronic form you will need to do the following:

1.  Send a check made out to Tom Smith Inspections LLC for the permit fee.

2.  Ask your HVAC installer to provide the “Res Check Form” to me.  They will know about this requirement and provide it as part of your installation.

      The company or you can send to me in paper form or as an email with attached PDF file.  

3.  Send one copy of your building plan. It can be sent in paper form, or a computer version sent to me by email attached or PDF file.

4. My files are all  identified by street address so be sure to include that on any correspondence .  My email

Permit Fee for Dwelling Permit

Manufactured and all site built homes   ——— $ 475    

Duplex homes ——— $ 500

ATTACHED garage —- $ 125

Additions ———- $ 125

Use the following short form for attached garages and additions.

Click here to get short form.

Special electrical inspection not associated with a building permit that are requested  by owner or utility — $30.    

Call 920-655-1735 to arrange for inspection.

The town only appoints me to issue permits for new homes, additions and attached garages because you must be state licensed to issue those permits. But other permits are required for other projects :

Contact your town officials to check if they require a permit for a project other than a new home, addition to home, or an attached garage.project.  920-822-5414

Address numbers and culvert permits  are obtained from your local Town government.  

 Owners are responsible to for compliance with county or town set back rules for structures.