Village of Lena

 Checks made payable to and sent to :     Tom Smith Inspections  - 2740 Otto Court  - Green Bay  WI  54313


The state requires new home applications to be submitted to them and then it is approved by local inspectors. They require the on-site contractor to be licensed and at least one crew member to hold a Dwelling Contractor Qualifier license.  You will also need the license numbers for your electrician, your plumber and HVAC installer.

Prior to working on this form get your sanitary permit from the county. There is a place to enter that permit number on this form. Also

 get a land use / zoning permit and be sure to enter those permit numbers on the state form.  You can gat information on these permits from  Oconto County by  contacting  Bill Lester  715-276-6640   for northern part of county or Gabe Moody 920-834-6827 for the southern part of county.

CLICK HERE to go to state form:  

Follow instructions with form. You can save and return  to it until you select submit but I can always  get into it to correct errors or add missing information.    

At this point send me a check for the permit fee. 

0 to 1999 sq ft      living area    $433

2000 to 3999 sq ft      living area   $ 533

4000 and larger   $633

I will also ned a copy of your building plan.      It can be in paper form or electronic sent to my email.  

Ask your HVAC contractor to provide me with a “RES CHECK FORM” They have a computer program to generate this and they can email to me.

Be sure to indicate the mailing address where you want the permit returned  to you  and the project address with your check so I can match it to your state application .         Permits are processed when fees are received.



ADDITIONS TO BUILDINGS    $100 plus 25 cents a square foot.     Max fee $250

                    Accessory Buildings  -  1000 square foot maximum size. Larger requires a conditional use approval from Village.

Three foot rear and side setback from lot line.

121-150 sq ft   $25

151-600 sq ft  $40

601 sq ft and larger  $35 plus  .05 sq foot

Siding and roofing   $25

Roadside stands  $ 150

Swimming pools $50

Razing structures  $50

Signs:   off premises $5.00 per square foot.  On premises signs $1.00 per sq. foot.

Fences  $10

Driveway or culverts  $50


All commercial buildings must follow the state Uniform Commercial Building Code for plan review.  Inspections are done by state inspectors.   Ryan Geiger 608-235-7405  or Craig Mulder for electrical  608-444-5701


A local commercial municipal permit is also required. 

Copies of approved state or architect plans are required . Print local application form. (Click here to Print.)

Send with permit fee.

   New  commercial structures under 25,000 sq ft          $50 plus .05 per sq foot

New commercial structures over 25,000 sq ft     $150

Signs  $1.00 per square foot

Additions   $75 

Remodeling $85

Zoning change requests  $85

Change of use request. $50

New Commercial Antennas   $250

After you have completed the electronic form you will need to do the following:

1.  Send a check made out to Tom Smith Inspections LLC for the permit fee.

2.  Ask your HVAV installer to provide the “Res Check Form” to me.  They will know about this requirement and provide it as part of your installation. 

      The company or you can send to me in paper form or as an email with attached PDF file. 

3.  Send one copy of your building plan. It can be sent in paper form, or a computer version sent to me by email attached or PDF file. 

4. My files are all  identified by street address so be sure to include that on any correspondence .