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Please read if  applying for a RAZING A BUILDING  PERMIT.

(a)Protection of public and environment. The demolition shall be conducted in a manner that is safe and that does not adversely affect the environment.

(b)Barricades. A snow fence or other approved barricade shall be provided as soon as any portion of the building is removed and shall remain during razing operations.(c)Debris removal; burning prohibited. All debris must be hauled away at the end of each week for the work that was done on that week. No combustible material shall be used for backfill, but shall be hauled away. There shall not be any burning of materials on the site of the razed building.

(d)Dust control. If any razing or removal operation under this article results in, or would likely result in, an excessive amount of dust particles in the air creating a nuisance in the vicinity thereof, the permittee shall take all necessary steps, by use of water spraying or other appropriate means, to eliminate such nuisance.

(e)Pest control. The permittee shall take all necessary steps, prior to the razing of a building, through the employment of a qualified person in the field of pest control or by other appropriate means, to treat the building as to prevent the spread and migration of rodents and insects therefrom during and after the razing operations.

 Site restoration; inspection of excavation.    

(a)Filling and finishing. The site of any demolition shall be properly cleared of debris, rubbish and pavement and shall be properly graded and leveled to conform with the adjoining grade of the neighboring property; and when so graded and leveled, the site shall be seeded, sodded or treated in some other manner acceptable to the building inspector so as to prevent blowing dust, dirt, or sand. Excavations remaining after demolition shall be filled, graded and leveled off, not later than 30 consecutive days after demolition is completed

.(b)Prohibited fill material. Excavations from demolished buildings or structures shall not be filled with any materials subject to deterioration.

Must comply with Wis DNR  Lead Paint and asbestos removal  regulations.