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Service provided by ( Circle  )          Wisconsin Public Service               WeEnergies                  Oconto Electric Corp                  Kaukauna Utilities

NOTE:   If  Oconto Electric Cooperative you must use ½ inch copper ground rods.

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If yes …  when will it be ready for inspection _________________ Or  will you text or call me  when ready. ________________________.

COMMERCIAL ELECTRICAL INSPECTION INFORMATION    You will not need a permit from me but will need  to follow SPS 316.012


My municipalities are non-dellegated municipalities so please contact the commercial electrical inspector for your geographic district as required. See SPS 316.012   Because these agencies seem to change from time to time …. please type the following into a web browser and you should get the most recent contact information for territory assignments:           WI commercial electrical Inspector map

 Partial excerpt from SPS 316.012 Permits.   More information available on my first page for my website. Click here

(1) (a)Except for an electrical wiring project described in s.101.875 (2), Stats., and as provided in par.(b), no electrical wiring project may commence unless the owner of the premises where the installation is to occur or their agent holds a permit from the designated inspection agency if the project involves the installation of new or an addition to any electrical service, feeder, or branch circuit serving any of the following:

1.A farm.

2.A public building, structure, or premises.

3.A place of employment.

4.A campground.

5.A manufactured home community.

6.A public marina, pier, dock, or wharf.

7.A recreational vehicle park.