Detached buildings are to be in rear or side yard

 For properties along Green Bay shoreline the front is the side of building facing the water

Road setback

State road —110 feet from centerline  — 60 feet from right of way.

County road  __  75 feet from centerline   ___42 feet from right of way

Town road  — 75 feet from centerline    ___42 feet from right of way

No mobile homes allowed ——  No billboard signs allowed in right of way

Dwelling size

1 and 2 family homes must have minimum width of 22 feet on 1st floor to depth of 20 feet 

exclusive of porches (enclosed or open) garage, deck or similar addition. roof must be at least 4/12 pitch

Minimum Use size living area is 1000 sq ft     — Two story minimum 1300 sq ft with min 1st floor being at least 900 sq ft.

Lot size requirements

5 acres required for livestock or horses

Minimum lot size for A-2 zoning is 1 ½ acres

Principal Structure Setbacks

Side setback —— 15 feet          Shore setback  — 75 feet            Rear setback  — 25 feet

Detached Buildings

Rear and Side setbacks  to lot line is 5 feet.

In business Zoning

 (B-1) Principal structure rear setback is 40 feet 

An attached dwelling to a business must be at least 500 square feet.

An un-attached dwelling must have 1000 square feet of living space.