Address for parcel where pond will be constructed: ____________________________________Parcel #  _______________________

Owner  of property.  _________________________________________________   Application date: _________________________

Contact Information: Phone __________________________          email:  _______________________________________________

Mailing address if different from construction site:  __________________________________________________________________

 Size Requirements For Proposed Pond    

Sec 60-252 (b)(1) Only one man made pond is allowed per property and can not exceed 20 percent of the parcel land area excluding road right of way and  one minimum lot size deduction of  1.5 acres.

Enter the acre size of  property. ____  acres . From that number deduct amount of acres used for any right of ways easements and an additional minimum lot size deduction of 1.5 acres.  Then multiply by  .20 to get maximum pond size allowed.  This will give you the maximum size pond you can build.  

 ENTER MAXIMUM SIZE ALLOWED HERE          ____________     ENTER YOUR PROPOSED POND SIZE HERE.         ___________

ACRES can be calculated by taking the width of the parcel in feet times the depth of the lot in feet. That total is divided by 43560 to get number of acres.

Also available on line. Click here to go to Marinette County Land Information Portal

Setback requirement.

1.   Sec 60-252 (c)(2) Setback requirement is at least 75 feet to side and rear lot lines.    

Your proposed setback is: ____feet on left side   _____ feet on right side   _____ feet to rear lot line. 

2.   Minimum setback from any public or private road is no closer than 83 feet from centerline of road.

Your setback will be ________feet.

3.   Sec 60-252 (c)(3) Pond can not be closer than 50 feet from any existing waste disposal system measured from edge of slope and tanks.  Your proposed pond will be  ______ feet from any waste disposal system.

Other Sec 60-252 requirements. Your signature on this application indicates agreement with the following.

 A. I understand that the exit slope for edge of my pond will be no steeper than a 3 to 1 slope.  

B. I understand that upon completion a ground cover will need to be established at least 30 feet from pond edge.

C. I understand that future maintenance will not cheat enlargement of  original pond size by 10 percent without getting a  conditional use permit to do so.

D.I understand that failure to comply with any section of the ordinance will subject me upon conviction to fines per Sec 1-17

Signature                                                                                                                                                    Date

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