Application for residential Decks 

Also use this form for residential Pools

Permits are not required for storable pools that are under 15 feet in width and do not contain water levels over 1.5 feet

CLICK HERE for deck design information that meets Wisconsin codes.

 Codes for Building Decks

Appendix B (decks) 

SPS321.225  UDC code reference

Address for project:  __________________________________  Municipality  _______________________________

Owner: ____________________________________________ Application date: ___________

Contact Information

        Phone ____________________ email __________________________________________

Mailing address if different from project location:  _____________________________________________________

Application is for in ground pool   ____ yes  ____ no             

Application is for above ground pool   ____ yes  ____ no

Application is for deck attached to dwelling   ____ yes  ____ no

Application for deck  that is free standing  ____yes _____ no

Will installer be a professional contractor: ____no  _____ yes  (Provide name) __________________________________

Answer questions that apply to your project

Decks elevated over 2 feet from grade require guardrails.  Will you install guardrails ___ yes  ____no

Deck stairs over three steps need handrails.  Will you install handrails ___ yes  ____no

Statutes require that unattended pools have public access by four foot high fencing or accidental entry covers certified as a protective measure to control entry by public. If above ground pools have four foot high side walls these will meet this protective measure for that area of the pool edge. In pool electronic alarms will not meet this requirement.

   Will pool access be protected by ____ fencing  _____ protective cover  _____ flip up stairs for an above ground pool.

    NOTE : Self closing fence or stair gates are required to protect access points to a pool. 

                     Latching systems should be 40 inches above grade.

                     Flip up stair systems for above ground pools will meet protective requirements if entire pool edge will be 

                           over 48 inches from grade when steps are in the upright position.

NOTE: Use of electricity around pools and decks is subject to National Electrical Codes.  If not familiar with these codes consult a professional.  

 SETBACK  NOTE:  Town of Peshtigo requires 25 foot setback from side and rear lot line. Pools not allowed in front yard.

                                        Oconto County requires pools to be at least 15 feet from a drainfield.

                                        City of Peshtigo requires pools to be at least 20 feet from lot line. Pools not allowed in front yard.