Oconto County Setback Requirements  

County has uniform requirements so these apply to all county towns. You will need a Land Use / Zoning permit from the county.  

Front setback   —  County road —75 feet from centerline or 42 feet from right of way

Front setback  — Town road 63 feet from centerline   or 42 feet from right of way

Front setback  — State Hwy 110 feet from center line or 50 feet from right of way

Side setback  — Principal structure  — 10 feet  

Side setback — Detached Outbuildings — 5 ft. if lot is less than 100 feet wide.   7.5 feet if lot  is greater than 100 feet wide.   

Minimum distance between a dwelling and a detached outbuilding is 10 feet unless a fire barrier wall is constructed on the walls that are within that zone.  Contact building inspector for more information.

Rear setback — 75 feet from  protected water such as a lake or river.

Drain field at least 10 feet from Dwelling and 50 feet from protected water way.. 50 feet from a well.

 Septic tank at least 5 feet from dwelling….25 feet  from well 

Wells .. 50 feet from septic drainfield ….25 feet from a septic tank ….2 feet away from above building eaves.

Man made ponds —10 ft. from side lot line —50 ft. from a drainfield —10 ft. from a septic tank  —30 ft from road right of way 

Unground pool — at least 15 ft. from a drainfield….75 feet from lake, river or stream.