Soil Piles

• Keep soil from catch basins which usually connect to the waters of he state.

This should be protected by a straw bale filter.

Run off violation.


Site needs erosion control like those shown in photos to keep soil on construction site.

Access Drive

• Install an access drive using two-to- three-inch aggregate prior to placing the first floor decking on foundation.

• Lay stone six inches deep and at least seven feet wide from the foundation to the street (or 50 feet if less).

• Use to prevent tracking mud onto the road by all vehicles.

• Maintain throughout construction.

• In clay soils, use of geotextile under the stone is recommended.

Straw Bale or Silt Fence

• Install within 24 hours of land disturbance.

• Install on downslope sides of site parallel to contour of the land.

• Extended ends upslope enough to allow water to pond behind fence.

• Bury eight inches of fabric in trench (see back page).

• Stake (two stakes per bale).

• Leave no gaps. Stuff straw between bales, overlap sections of silt fence, or twist ends of silt fence together.

 Inspect and repair once a week and after every 1⁄2-inch rain. Remove sediment if deposits reach half the fence height. Replace bales after three months.

• Maintain until a lawn is established.

WARNING! Extra measures may be needed if your site:

• is within 300 feet of a stream or wetland;

• is within 1000 feet of a lake;

• is steep (slopes of 12% or more);

• receives runoff from 10,000 sq. ft. or more of adjacent land;

• has more than an acre of disturbed ground.