Town of Townsend Driveway Ordinance

Ordinance # 3-2008 —— Creating Driveway Standards

(This is not the legal publication . It is a list of key points provided for quick reference for applicants..)

Article 1  - Purpose

To provide safe standards for adequate access to private development from a public right of way.

Article 2 - Authority

Ordinance adopted by Town Board of the Town of Townsend pursuant to the authority granted in Chapters 60.22(30, 61.34 and 236.10 - Wisconsin Statutes. The town has adopted Village powers.

Article 3 - Authorization

On open land without improvements, a new driveway or any alleged to be exiting, shall comply with all requirements of this ordinance and is subject and shall be subject to an inspection fee as established.

Application of standards applies to driveways on existing developed properties that will be made active after being abandoned for 12 months.

Applications for a driveway permit is made to building inspector. 

Final approval is granted after review by the Town Road Foreman and Town Board. 

If driveway is within 75 feet of a protected water or wetland you will probably need a County Land use and Zoning permit.

Article 4  - Town Minimum Requirements

Minimum driveway surface width  — 20 feet at town road intersection.

Drive surface can taper to a minimum of 12 feet at 30 feet from road edge.

Minimum width clearance — 20 feet on new construction. 16 feet on existing driveways where a building exists. 

Minimum height clearance — 18 feet free of tree limbs and utility wires etc.

Maximum grade —- 10%

Long driveway requirements

At least one 25 foot in length and 18 foot width segment shall be placed each 200 feet of driveway to provide passage of meeting emergency vehicles.

Construction standards 

A 6 inch base of breaker run with appropriate surface stone, asphalt or cement. Must support weight of emergency vehicles.

Culverts ——Minimum diameter 15 inches made of corrugated metal or plastic., or concrete with 12 inches of cover.

Grade — Slope of culvert at a minimum of 2% and maximum of 5%..

Uniform Dwelling Code Driveway Requirements

Erosion via a driveway for new dwellings is also regulated by the state Uniform Dwelling C ode (UDC)   Click on link and scroll down to  SPS 321.125           

 CLICK HERE to UDC code.