Request for Address _____  Fee $100

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2740 Otto Court   —   Green Bay WI 54313.

If a new culvert is to be installed the exact ends of the driveway culvert must be clearly marked with stakes on property edge or paint lines on the edge of roadway.  It must be accurate as it will be recorded for GPS calculation. Once your application is received I will take the appropriate measurements and send those to the County. When I get a reply I will contact you by phone or email with the address number.  The actual marker post and number plate will be ordered and placed at your site as soon as possible…  Owner application indicates willingness to comply with town ordinance shown on page two.

Note 1 No more than three dwellings can share a driveway.

Note 2: The county will generally not issue me a number until the sanitary permit has been issued.

The following information is required.

Property owner’s name: _________________________________________________________

Phone or email:  ________________________________________________________________

Applicant name:  ________________________________________________________________

Phone or email:  ________________________________________________________________

Tax Parcel number: ______________________________________________________________

Roadway where drive will exit: __________________________________________________

If the request is for a subdivision provide the lot number and name of the subdivision.  _____________________________________________________________________________

Fee $ 100  (One culvert is included as part of this address request.  Add $ 50 if a second culvert will be installed.)


1.Installation to be made without danger to, or interfering with traffic on roadway.

2.Applicant, assignees agree to hold harmless the Town of Kaukauna and duly appointed agents and employees against action for personal injury or property damage sustained by reason or exercise of this permit.

3.The proposed construction or actions will conform to the statutes of the State of Wisconsin and regulations of any legally constituted body having jurisdiction.

4.The Town of Kaukauna reserves the right to make changes, additions and relocations within statutory limits in the right of way as may at any time be considered necessary to permit the relocation, reconstruction, widening and / or maintaining of the roadway to provide proper protection to life and property.

5.Roadway surface, slopes, shoulders ditches and vegetation disturbed shall be restored.

6.The entire cost of installing and maintaining of items requested by this permit shall be borne by the applicant and shall be performed at the sole cost and expense of the applicant.

7.Work shall be carried out using good municipal engineering practices in a manner satisfactory to the Town of Kaukauna Board or their representatives.

8.No work shall start until warning signs and /or devices are placed to protect the public that must conform to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation requirements for traffic control. Such devices shall be maintained as necessary to protect persons or property at all times and under all conditions until work is completed.

9.Erosion control practices must be in place and maintained until vegetation is stabilized when doing work in ditches and Town right of way.

Specific culvert and apron requirements for connection to a Town roadway :

1.Culverts shall be new with apron end walls.

2.Culverts shall be of a size designated to allow for the water flow design for that location.

3.Aprons shall be the full width of the culvert.

4.Aprons shall only be of bituminous material.

5.IMPORTANT NOTE:  Aprons shall be designed to direct surface water from a driveway from spilling onto the roadway. Water needs to be directed to ditches, to designed rain gardens or French drains that comply with Department of Natural Resources regulations for erosion and storm water management.

6.Side slopes at end walls shall not be covered by concrete barriers, rocks or any other materials which may inflict harm to vehicles (including recreation vehicles)  that could come in contact with these areas.

7.Bituminous side slopes, natural vegetation and landscape stone under one inch are allowed to be used to prevent soil erosion at end walls.

8.Engineered drawings are only required for commercial roadway access points or any residential access points that might impact protected areas such as rivers, streams, wet lands or require special construction because of soil type.

9.Driveways at new residential construction must comply with erosion control requirements as specified in SPS 321.125 in the Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code. 

MORE INFORMATION available at the following State WEB site: