City of Peshtigo Commercial Project Application

• Storm water curb basins in area of the construction site that could receive storm water or soil from the construction site need to be protected during construction.

• Provide a sanitary facility for on site workers. 

• Building material waste must be contained on site.

• Dumpsters or other holding containers will need to be covered or designed to prevent waste materials from moving off site. 

• NO burning of construction waste materials is permitted on site.

  • Erosion control to protect State water and wetlands.

The City of Peshtigo requires a commercial Project Application for new commercial construction in the city and for significant repair or remodeling of commercial structures. The city will only  review for determining if the project meets the requirements of their local ordinances. The city building inspector will not do structural plan review for commercial construction projects.  Commercial Electrical Permits are to be obtained from the state as needed.


City ordinances  FOR COMMERCIAL PROJECTS and expectations found are at this link:

An applicant for a commercial permit agrees to make their site available for state, county or local inspection. 

1. The applicant also agrees to maintain the site to ensure emergency fire and rescue would have access to all areas of the project for inspection or emergency calls. 

2. The city expects all commercial and multifamily construction to comply with the State Commercial Building codes (SPS 360-366) plus any appendices, the state fire       codes, adopted national and state electrical and plumbing codes and accessibility requirements as defined by Federal Disabilities Act. 

3. The city expects that applicants will research if any U. S. Army Corp of Engineers or DNR permits are needed for the project and obtain them if required. 

4. The city will cooperate with outside agencies to assist them with enforcement whenever jurisdiction allows.In addition to State codes the City expects applicant to comply with local ordinances and practices that relate to aspects of commercial and multifamily.

 City concerns generally fall into the following areas;

• Compliance with the zoning requirements for the intended commercial project.

• Compliance with industrial park requirements such as set back and design.

• Sign placement and size and illumination.

• Public exterior lighting.

• Parking and road access.

• Erosion control.

• Fencing for public safety during construction.

• Fire and emergency vehicle access during construction.

• Noise and environmental pollution control.

BUILDING PLANS to be reviewed by state as specified in Wisconsin Uniform Commercial Code

State code Subchapter III Comm 61.30 and tables 61-30-1 to 61-30-3.

A copy of building plans for all multifamily and commercial projects must be filed with the City.  

The city building inspector will not do structural plan review for commercial construction projects.

• Whenever the state code requires a project plans to be stamped by a registered professional engineer or architect --- a copy bearing the seal and any recommendations will need to be filed with the city application for a construction permit.

• Whenever state code requires projects plans to be reviewed by the State --- an approved stamped copy along with the recommendations will need to be given to the city with this application.

• All other plans need to be drawn to scale and provide enough detail to allow for review of structural, mechanical and public safety requirements. 

           Contractor developed plans will be accepted for projects that are not required to have state approved plans or sealed architect plans by state statute.

           The city retains the right to require a plan review of any project developed  by an independent certified professional or state reviewer at the expense of the  applicant when local building inspector deems it necessary.