Permits are required for all dwellings moved into the town or built in the town.  They are in two categories. Site built includes modular and panelized. Manufactured homes (once called single or double wide) are  now known as manufactured homes.

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If within 1000 feet of Green Bay shoreline you will also need county zoning permit.

Permit Fee for Dwelling 

(Includes zoning permit cost, state seal cost and local building permit cost.)

                0 to 1499 sq ft    $708                               1500 to 1999 sq ft      $733

               2000 to 3000 sq ft  $758                           3001 and over             $858

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Emergency Fire Numbers  $ 75

Culvert or driveway  $75

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If within 1000 feet of Green Bay shoreline you will also need county zoning permit.

Additions and change of use permit: $ 175

Include alterations that increase footprint of a building.  

Permit required to change basement to living area.

Permit required to change garage to living area.

No permit required for siding, window replacement,    roof replacement,water heater or furnace replacements.

ALL accessory buildings over 120 sq. ft.:  $75

Permit required for agricultural sheds, barns & pole buildings.

Permanent roadside stands: 

Not removed on a daily basis.   $175

Decks   $75

In ground swimming Pools  $75

Above ground pools not emptied and put into storage on seasonal basis.

Special electrical inspection not associated with a dwelling building permit but might be requested  by owner or utility .     Fee $30

Fences per town zoning      $25

Pond Construction permit     $75

Owner is responsible to check if any state DNR or 

Corp of Engineer permit are required 

Razing a structure permit    $75

Outdoor Solid Fuel Boilers   $75

New Commercial Antennas    $275

Zoning compliance requests     $75

Signs    $25 plus one dollar a square ft.

Commercial Permit Applications  $400

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New buildings under 25,000 cubic feet   

Local inspector may require architect stamped plan.

New buildings over 25,000 cubic  feet    

Architect stamped plan required between 25,000 & 50,000 cubic feet. State approved plans required when over 50,000 cubic feet  per Wisconsin Commercial Building Code.