Oconto County SetBack Requirements ——  Click on following link for additional setback information.


Front setback   —  county road —75 feet from centerline or 42 feet from right of way

Front setback  — town road 63 feet from centerline   or 42 feet from right of way

Front setback  — State Hwy 110 feet from center line or 50 feet from right of way

Side setback  — Principal structure  — 10 feet  

Side setback — Detached Outbuildings — 5 ft. if lot is less than 100 feet wide.   7.5 feet if lot  is greater than 100 feet wide.   Minimum distance between a dwelling and a detached outbuilding is 10 feet unless a fire barrier wall is constructed.  Contact building inspector for more information.

Rear setback — 75 feet from  protected water such as a lake or river.

Drain field at least 10 feet from Dwelling and 50 feet from protected water way..      Septic tank at least 5 feet from dwelling 

Man made ponds —10 ft. from side lot line —50 ft. from a drainfield —10 ft. from a septic tank  —30 ft from ROW

Unground pool — at least 15 ft. from a drainfield.

   Town of Kaukauna Setbacks. 

 ( Outagamie County also has authority over any structure with in 300 feet of a protected  waterway.  (Protected areas designations sometimes change so be sure to check with the county before building.)

Front Yard from town road —25 feet from right of way

Front yard from a class A highway   -  55 feet from right of way

Side yard for principal structures — 10 feet to lot line

Detached out building — 5 feet to lot line and can’t be forward of principal structure.

Rear for non shoreline property at least 25 feet.

To any protected lake, river or stream —75 feet

From regulated vegetative zone —35 feet

From sanitary drainage field - 5 feet from any property line and 50 feet from any protected water.

Septic tank —At least 5 feet from dwelling foundation —25 feet from any well

City of Peshtigo

Residential- (R1)-(R2)-(R3)       Front 40 ft.      Rear 20 ft.        Side  10 ft.

Only one detached garage allowed for each principal structure. Must comply with setback.

Click here for more information on residential setbacks.

Max height principal structure 35 ft.        Accessory bld 15 ft.

Click here for link to commercial setbacks.